HELP® 3-6 Assessment for Head Start

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VORT Corporation, publisher of HELP®, has teamed up with KinderCharts to provide a comprehensive Head Start HELP 3-6 reporting system. The KinderCharts-HELP 3-6 reporting system supports Federal progress reporting requirements across Head Start's eleven domains and enhances communication among parents, staff and community stakeholders for developing and monitoring school readiness goals.

HELP® 3-6 is one of the most popular and widely used curriculum-based assessments used in early intervention programs for young children and their families. The HELP 3-6 Strands assessment booklet links directly to HELP 3-6 Activities at Home manual, which provides 500 ready-to-use reproducible handouts for parents of children 3-6 years. This manual links the assessment directly to intervention and instruction with thousands of "at home" practical activities with warm illustration.

The conceptual structure of the HELP 3-6 Strands allows you to assess child strengths and needs within and between broad Head Start domains, which can then be easily translated into meaningful school readiness goals for your program.

For more information regarding the HELP 3-6 Strands and using HELP 3-6 as a comprehensive assessment process, visit the VORT website.

The KinderCharts-HELP Head Start reporting system is easy. Simply...

  1. Transcribe the child's current assessment results from the HELP® 3-6 Assessment Strands booklet into KinderCharts, as shown below. Simply click on the Strand (red arrows below) to open the Strand Edit form. Then, transfer the assessment results for each Skill into the template (purple rectangles and arrow below).
  2. Mark the Assessment as Complete when all of the child's results for the Assessment Period have been entered. KinderCharts will automatically quantify, aggregate and report the child's results using crediting algorithms developed specifically for HELP 3-6 Assessment Strands.
  3. A comprehensive set of reports available to select from include individual child assessment and progress reports, aggregated child assessment reports and a management completion status report. The aggregated assessment report comes with a complete set of graphs and charts for each domain. Using Microsoft Excel's rich set of Chart Tools, these charts can be tailored to create powerful and informational presentations. As an added benefit, a comprehensive set of report filters are available to permit comparative analysis of groups of children based on demographics such as gender, age, ethnicity, number of years in the program, homelessness, child delays, parent intellectual delays, and dual language home environment.

HELP 3-6 Data Entry


Sample Reports and Charts

Individual Child Assessment Report - Age Range Bars

Individual Child Assessment Report - Age Range Bars

Individual Child Progress Report (1)

Individual Child Progress Report

Aggregate Child Assessment Report - Pie Chart (1)

Aggregate Child Assessment Report - Pie Chart

Aggregate Child Assessment Report - Bar Chart (1)

Aggregate Child Assessment Report - Bar Chart


General Reports

Child Level Individual Reports

Program Level Aggregate Child Reports

The KinderCharts Head Start management reporting system enables you to easily create insightful and informative reports and charts that demonstrate the value and performance of your agency's programs.


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